Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Ever suspected that your quest in conquering the world is expanding your waistline? You aren't alone, research showed that almost half of corporate warriors experience this.

When it comes to losing weight, who does not want to lose any extra kilos as quickly as possible. We all have heard that eating healthy and being active are keys to achieving healthy weight goal, but some of us just seem to can’t shed that extra kilos.

Although we are responsible for our own health and weight, there are things that we often don’t realise sabotaging our own health such as causing weight gain.

In several survey studies on this topic, almost half of respondents said they'd gained weight in their current jobs with women are more likely to experience this than men.

Can we tackle this?

Recognising the problem

The first step to solving a problem is to recognise it!

Weight is a sensitive issue and often for some people, ignorance is a bliss. However, weight issue is not just about vanity, in fact it should always be about health.

There are different reasons as to why your work causes you to pack on kilograms. Stress, lack of physical activity, free cakes and chocolate in the office, business lunch and dinner or even commuting.

You need to take a moment to really dissect your daily life to understand what aspect of your working habit that needs changing.

Manage your stress level

Do you know that an estimated 17.3 million people will die each year from heart disease and stroke? For a perspective, this number accounts for around 30 percent of all total deaths! Stress is one of the cause and precursor for many health conditions, including heart disease.

Stress triggers the release of hormones that can increase appetite, which make you crave more sugary and fatty foods while at the same time, lower your metabolism. Managing your stress level is key to stop the domino effect of work-related-weight-gain.

Manage your time better

Poor time management could be an underlying cause of stress and unhealthy habits. When you are late, you take taxi instead of walking. When you are late, you don't have time for breakfast, so you'd snack on a chocolate bar. When you are late, you have less time to prepare for a meeting which in turns gives you a tremendous amount of stress and we all know what stress could do to us!

My father always tells me that being late is expensive and now I know, it doesn't only cost you more money, being late could actually take toll on your health.

Pack your own lunch

Save on calories and money!

If you pay attention to the lunch options around offices, at least 3 out of 5 options are actually unhealthy.

A study proved this by showing that the group with the most exposure to takeout joints at work was almost twice as likely to be obese in comparison to those with who were least exposed.

Sure, we can always choose a healthier option or menu but let's be honest and realistic, would you really swap those fries with the sad looking salad in a fast food joint? And if you say yes, let me ask you this, how often do you actually do it?

Packing your own lunch helps you to eat healthy at work and it is socially acceptable to take your lunch box and sit with your coworkers who order salted egg pork ribs with fried rice. Not only saving you on unnecessary calorie intake, it saves you dollars and without you knowing it, it does save you time!

Drink enough water!

In this modern lifestyle, 50% of the time when we think that we are hungry is actually a sign that we are thirsty. So, before you reach for a handful of MnM's or a pack of chips, drink a glass of water first.

Staying hydrated also helps to ensure that your body's systems work well which means you could be less likely to experience headache, cramping and even bad breath!

Eat well

You are what you eat, right? Your first and main source of nutrients should always be fresh and healthy food. Eat your veggies, fruit, protein, healthy carbs and fat.

Some people need supplementation, like Vitamin D, B12 and B6, but these have to be customised for the individual.

The two supplements I take are Activated Phenolics and fish oil, because we live in the highly polluted world, if you eat enough fish to supply your body with enough omega-3, you’d likely die of mercury poisoning first! And you can eat all the apples, grapes and acai berries in the world, but at those low [antioxidant] absorption rates, you are taking in more sugar and water than anything else.

Be more active

Take charge of your life. If you want to change something, do something. Every little thing counts, taking the stairs instead of the lift, waking up half an hour earlier to do a quick work out, skipping a happy hour drinking after work and do a meal prep instead.

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